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What's happening at the library?
Library Announcements

Greenville Public Library Holiday Closing Schedule

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Veterans' Day

Thanksgiving Day and the day after

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year's Eve

New Year's Day

Dr. Martin Luther King's Day

Presidents' Day

The Greenville Public Library may be closed due to inclement weather. Please call the library at (618) 664-3115 with any questions involving closings.


Escape the Library

Are you looking for something fun to do in Greenville? The Library is offering three "Escape Room" activities--a general theme, a Harry Potter theme, and a pirate theme. The programs are appropriate for groups of 6 to 10 participants (junior high age to adults). Your group will work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and open locks in order to "escape." All that is required is that you call the Director, Jo Keillor, at the Library to schedule a time for your group and let her know which theme your group prefers. There is a $25 charge per group. (We only accept cash or check payments.) We hope you schedule an appointment and enjoy your time at the library. (posted Dec. 2018)

We are not currently taking appointments for Escape Room experiences. (Updated Sept. 2020)

Attention Patrons

Starting in January 2019, everyone will need to provide a driver's license and a second proof of identity/residency to renew existing accounts. We will require all the primary account holders to show all required information. We will be ascertaining whether the address provided is in the library's service area, even if the cardholder has been a Greenville cardholder for several years. We ask that Nonresident patrons who own property in town, bring tax information for the owned property. We hope to have current, up-to-date information for all of our accounts. Thank you for assisting us in this endeavor. (posted Dec. 2018)

New at the Library: Hotspots

We are pleased to announce that the Greenville Public Library now has five hotspots available for check out. Thanks to a generous donor, you can take WiFi with you. Greenville Library patrons may check one out or add their names to a waiting list if none are available. There are a few guidelines associated with our new hotspots:

  • Available for Greenville cardholders only.
  • Households may check out one hotspot per month. (30 days)
  • One week check out period.
  • $5.00 per day overdue.
  • After 3 days of being overdue, the hotspot will be deactivated and a $200 charge will be billed to the patron.
  • DO NOT return in the drop box. If put in the drop box, there will be a $5.00 charge.
  • $200 replacement cost for lost or damaged devices.
  • If you are notified that one is available, the device must be picked up within two days. On the third day, the next person on the list will be notified. (posted Dec. 2019)

Limit amounts to change during COVID-19

Because we are committed to ensuring your safety, the Greenville Public Library has been wiping down every book returned and quarantining them for at least 120 hours. We are pleased to be able to expand our services, but we need to be able to handle all of the additional safety procedures. We are only allowing items to be returned in the book drop at this time. Until we return to regular hours, we are limiting the total items you may have checked out to 20 items out at one time. While items are in quarantine, they will still be checked out to you. Although you have returned items, your account will not reflect the return for at least 6 days, until we are able to backdate and check them in. Remember to keep that in mind when you request or check out more items. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. For any questions, please call the library at 664-3115. (posted June 2020) (updated July 2020)

Phase 4 Expansion in the Works

The Greenville Public Library Board met on Thursday, June 11th and approved a plan for expanding our services in Phase 4. We know that many of you want to know when the building will be open for computer use and browsing. We want you to know that we have submitted our plan to the Health Department, City Council, and County Board. The Greenville Library Board is taking all possible steps to open safely and responsibly. Information will be updated once we are able to move forward.

Our library system (IHLS) will reactivate interlibrary loan requests for libraries who are ready on Wednesday, July 1, before delivery resumes full service on Monday, July 6th. The Greenville Public Library will receive deliveries on Mondays and Thursdays. All items delivered will be quarantined for 5 days. Once the 5 days (120 hours) are up, the library will check in items and contact patrons who have items to pick up. Since libraries are quarantining all items, the interlibrary loan process will be slower. We appreciate your patience during this time. (posted June 2020)

Beginning July 7th... Library Service Expansion!

Beginning Tuesday, July 7th, the Greenville Public Library, with the approval of the Library Board, Health Department, and  city officials, will begin the next phase of expanding library services. We will continue to offer curbside service in the morning from 10 to 11:50 for patrons who prefer a no-contact option. The library will close for an hour for lunch. The library building will open from 1 pm to 4 pm for patrons who would like to "grab & go" or use a computer. Since capacity is limited, patrons are required to call the library to make an appointment in order to maintain social distancing. Grab & Go appointments will be for 20 minutes; computer appointments will be for 45 minutes. Library staff will clean "touch" points frequently. Masks are required. Using hand sanitizer upon entry will also be required. For patrons who are unable to wear masks, we are happy to offer a reasonable accommodation by scheduling an appointment for curbside delivery. 

During this next phase, limits on items has changed. Patrons scheduling curbside pickup can order up to 5 items per appointment. Patrons are not limited to one appointment per week, like it was in June. As long as the 20 item limit has not been met, you may continue to use curbside. Patrons who make an appointment for Grab & Go may check out up to 20 items. All accounts may not exceed 20 items at any time. Please remember that items that are returned and in quarantine will remain checked out to you for 6 to 7 days, until they can be backdated and checked in. All returns are to be placed in the drop box. Please protect items from damage if it's raining. Place items in bags before you put them in the drop box for additional protection.

Items returned Monday and Tuesday will be checked in on the following Monday. Items returned Wednesday will be checked in on Tuesday. Items returned Thursday will be checked in on Wednesday. Items returned Friday will be checked in on Thursday. Items returned on Saturday and Sunday will be checked in on the following Saturday.

Patrons who need to make copies, fax, scan, or use our notary services may set up an appointment for Grab & Go. Patrons who need to use a computer to print items may set up an appointment to use a computer. 

The restroom will be locked. For emergencies, ask an employee for assistance. (posted July 2020)

Click here to see a detailed plan for this next phase.

OCLC, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and Battelle are conducting research to determine how long the COVID-19 virus survives on materials that are prevalent in libraries. Battelle Memorial Institute is a private nonprofit applied science and technology development company. They have called it the REALM Project (REopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums). On July 20th, Battelle released its second test results. Because of the results, the Greenville Public library has changed its quarantine time to 4 days. 

REALM Project: Test 2 Results

On August 18th, Battelle released its third test results. Because of the results, the Greenville Library and IHLS Delivery has changed its quarantine time to 5 days. 

Realm Project: Test 3 Results

Library to extend hours...

The Greenville Public Library will be extending hours to accommodate patrons. We will open by appointment only on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday morning.

New hours beginning the week of August 17th:

Monday: Curbside 10 am to 11:50 am, Grab & Go 1 pm to 4 pm

Tuesday: Curbside 10 am to 11:50 am, Grab & Go 1 pm to 4 pm

Wednesday: Curbside 10 am to 11:50 am, Grab & Go 1 pm to 4 pm and 5 pm to 7:30 pm

Thursday: Curbside 10 am to 11:50 am, Grab & Go 1 pm to 4 pm and 5 pm to 7:30 pm

Friday: Curbside 10 am to 11:50 am, Grab & Go 1 pm to 4 pm

Saturday: Grab & Go 9 am to 12 pm

Patrons who need to use computers may schedule an appointment during Grab & Go. Please call the library at 664-3115 to schedule an appointment for all services. (posted August 2020)

What is Curbside? For patrons who want a no-contact option to pick up requested material without having to enter the building, we offer curbside pickup Monday through Friday morning. You must schedule an appointment. We have appointments starting at 10am until 11:50am, every 10 minutes. At your scheduled time, pull up to the front of the library and call to let us know you are here. We will walk your items out and place them on the bench. As the weather gets colder and snow falls, please pull to the walkway, and we will walk your items to your passenger-side window. For patrons who want help requesting books, please call the library for assistance. 

What is Grab & Go? Grab & Go is for patrons who want to come in to the library building and use library services, such as faxing, scanning, notary public, computers, browsing the collection, opening library accounts, etc. You must schedule an appointment to come into the library. Masks are required to enter the building. We ask that you use hand sanitizer upon entering, since you will be touching surfaces within the building. We do not have tables and chairs for lounging at this time. Grab & Go is suspended as of Friday, November 20th.

Holiday Reading Program

The Greenville Public Library is rolling out a new program for teens and adults. The Holiday Reading Program will begin on Monday, November 23rd, the week of Thanksgiving, and end on Saturday, January 9th, the week of Three Kings Day. Keep a list of books read during the holidays and submit your list of 6 books no later than Saturday, January 9th, by mail, drop box, email (, or during an appointment. Two winners will win a $25 gift card to a local business of his/her choice. Click here to view the flyer.

Congratulations to our winners, Jordan Pierce, who chose a gift card from Kahuna's and Sarah Mulholland, who chose a gift card from IGA. 

Tier 3 Mitigation

On Tuesday, November 17th, Governor Pritzker announced a statewide return to Tier 3 mitigation. The Greenville Public Library will return to curbside appointments only starting on Friday, November 20th. Because patrons are unable to use our public access computers, we are allowing patrons to email items for printing. Email items to Send the email, call the library to schedule an appointment for pickup, and we will let you know what you will owe. The files will be printed after we receive payment. Please call the library at 664-3115 to schedule a curbside appointment for material pickup, making copies, or sending faxes. When scheduling copy appointments, let us know how many copies we will be making so we can let you know what you will owe. When scheduling fax appointments, let us know the fax number we will be using and how many pages we are faxing, so we can let you know what you will owe. Please have your payment and pages ready at the time of your appointment. We ask that you pay with exact change if possible. If you are ordering items online, please be aware that we print lists of requested items every morning around 9 am. Ordering online is not always convenient for everyone. If you require assistance ordering materials, please call the library for reader advisory help. Our main goal is to get books into your hands, so we'll help in any way we can. If the weather is nice, we will place your library materials on the bench out front. If it is raining or snowing, please pull up to the walkway and we will hand it to you through your passenger side window. All items will continue to be returned in our drop box. For questions regarding Cloud Library and managing your account online, please call the library.

Curbside Appointments

Monday: 10 am to 11:50 am, 1 pm to 3:50 pm

Tuesday: 10 am to 11:50 am, 1 pm to 3:50 pm

Wednesday: 10 am to 11:50 am, 1 pm to 3:50 pm, 5 pm to 6:50 pm

Thursday: 10 am to 11:50 am, 1 pm to 3:50 pm, 5 pm to 6:50 pm

Friday: 10 am to 11:50 am, 1 pm to 3:50 pm

Saturday: 9 am to 11:50 am

Appointments are at 10 minute intervals.

Holiday Coloring Contest

The Greenville Public Library invites its 0 to 10 year old patrons to participate in the second annual Holiday Coloring Contest. Just like the Fall Coloring Contest, there are two age groups: 0 to 6 and 7 to 10. Also, there will again be two coloring sheets, so please select the sheet that corresponds with your child's age. Return the color sheet to the library no later than Wednesday, December 23rd. We will select a winner from each group, who will receive a prize, after the holidays.

Click here for the 0 to 6 Color Sheet

Click here for the 7 to 10 Color Sheet

Please return your sheets in our drop box, during an appointment, or by mail. Please include your child's name and phone number on a separate piece of paper so the judges will not know who the "artist" is.

Winners will be chosen by Board members tomorrow, January 14th. Congratulations to our two winners, Clara and Ariel.

Valentine's Day at the Library

The library will be doing a couple of things to celebrate Valentine's Day. First, everyone who schedules an appointment on Friday, February 12th will receive a Valentine's Day Treat Bag with a bookmark and candy. Second, we are putting together Valentine's Day Craft Kits for adults. Schedule an appointment to pick one up today. Supplies are limited. Click here to view the flyer.